CNC Turning Machines

Tizona CNC Chucker Series

Tizona I


Salient Features

  • Rigid Structure
  • 60 Degree True Slant Bed
  • Precision & Heavier A2 Series Cartridge type Spindle Unit
  • Heavier L M Rails, Blocks & Ball Screws for both Axes
  • Linear Toolings to Reduce Cycle Time
  • Longer X Axis Travel to accommodate more Tools
  • Flexible Tooling Platform adapting Live Tool, Grinding Head, etc.
  • Best Suitable for Automation Line

Tizona II



TIZONA CNC Chucker Series is designed to turn various Chucking components with minimum cycle time. The basic Gang Tooling process works adeptly without delaying the Turret retraction and indexing, thus it eliminates the unproductive non-machining time. These CNC Turning Machines are best suitable for precision components in mass production with optional integration of Bar Feeder and Autoloader.


All castings are made from IS 25 Grade and Stress Relieved. The 60 Degree True Slant construction of Bed is highly rigid to withstand cutting forces. It is mounted on heavily ribbed Base for maximum rigidity and performance. Heavier L M Guideways & Blocks are optimally spaced for both axes. The 60 Degree True Slant angle of Bed facilitates easy flow of Coolant, Chip and clear view of the component, operation and tool setup.


The Precision Cartridge Spindle unit having Super Precision Class Angular Contact Spindle Bearings at Front and Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Taper Bore) at Rear end. This combination ensures better rigidity and performance. Bearings are Grease packed for life. Spindle unit is fitted in the Headstock made from high grade Cast Iron provided with fins for heat dissipation and mounted on the Base to withstand better cutting force.


Axes movement is on Precision Class heavier L M Guideways & Ball Screws. Ball Screws are supported on precision class preloaded Angular Contact Ball Bearings. Drive to the Balls Screws is directed by AC Servo Motor with Flexible Coupling achieving positioning and repeatability accuracies. Auto Lubrication Unit lubricates L M Guideways and Ball Screws.

Gang Type Toolings

The Tool Holders are directly mounted on T-Slots of Sub Plate. Maximum 6 Tools can be accommodated with minimum interface which is totally dependent on the type of job. Linear Tool arrangement reduces the Tool changing time hence the total cycle time which lessen maintenance and saves energy as compared to Turrets.


As this CNC Turning Machine is suitable for individual use and best suitable for Automation options for various jobs which is today's most demanding requirement. The design of Tizona CNC Chucker can easily accept various types of Automation Lines for higher production. The same design can be integrated with Auto Loaders, Bar Feeders, Pick & Place Robots, etc. It's the matter of the job's demand with minimizing human input, but Tizona is ready for the upgrade.

Energy Efficient

Our standard Rexroth CNC Controller is having wide input supply range of 200-500V AC, 3ph, 50-60 Hz which directly connects to mains supply. Step down Transformer is not required hence, no Stray / I^2R loss at the power circuit. Also with Unity Power Factor of Drive System and use of Synchronous Servo Motors, leads towards Energy Efficient equipment. It also offers Power consumption monitor screen.