Tizona I CNC Turning Machine

Tizona I CNC Turning Machine

Award Winning CNC Turning Machines

Awarded 'Best CNC Turning Machinces' by the FIE Foundation at the IMTEX 2013, BIEC, Bangalore.

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  • Specification
  • CNC Controller
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Key Features


TIZONA CNC Chuckers are most suitable for various kind of Chucking Jobs like Bearing Races, Endshields, Flanges, Hydraulic Spares, Clutch Plates, Discs, Brakes, Brake Drums, Impellers, Tappets, etc.

Why CNC Chuckers?


Why Gang Tooling?


Advantages of CNC Gang Tooling Chuckers

During our application study, we found that approx. 70-80% job applications are performed through chucking only.   We have learned that approx. 60-70% job applications utilizes maximum of 4 Tools.  
  • Low on maintenance
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Save material & energy

Rexroth CNC Controller


Chuck Size mm 135
Std. Turning Dia. mm 75
Max. Turning Dia.* mm 100
Max Turn Length* mm 150
Max. Job Swing Dia. mm 200
Slant Angle Degree 60°
Bar Capacity mm 22
Spindle Nose   A2-4
Hole through Spindle mm 24
Front Bearing Bore Dia. mm 70
Spindle Speed Range  RPM 50-4000
Spindle Power (Conti / 15 Min) kW 3.5/5.5
Axis Stroke mm 300
Feed Drive  mm 4 Nm
L M Size Nm 25
Rapid Rate mm/min 24000
Ball Screw Dia. & Pitch mm 25 x 10P
Axis Stroke mm 160
Feed Drive Nm 4 Nm
L M Size mm 25
Rapid Rate mm/min 24000
Ball Screw Dia. & Pitch mm 25 x 10P
Tooling (Gang Type)
Tool Shank Square mm 20
Tool Shank Round mm 25
Accuracy (VDI 3441)
Max. Spindle Nose Runout mm 0.005
Positioning mm 0.010
Repeatability mm 0.005
General Data
Net Weight (Approx.) Kgs. Kgs. 2000
Gross Weight (Approx.) Kgs. Kgs. 2400
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approx. mm 2100x1325x1725
*It is dependable on Job, Tool Setup & Clamping Device.

Standard Features & Accessories

  • 3 Jaw power operated Chuck Ø135 / Ø200 mm
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with Accumulator
  • Linear Motion Precision Guideways
  • Centralised & Programmable Lubrication System
  • Auto & Manual Coolant System
  • Air Conditioned & Humidity Free Electrical Control Cabinet with Quality Devices
  • Coolant Assembly with Chip tray
  • Axial Tool Holders – 2 Nos.
  • Boring Tool Holders – 1 No.
  • Instructions & Operating Manuals


  • Chip Conveyor (For Tizona I - Side only, For Tizona II - Rear only)
  • Hydraulic Hollow Chuck and Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Collet Chuck
  • 8/12 Station Bi-Directional Tool Turret
  • Bar Feeder
  • Bar Puller
  • Part Catcher
  • Auto Door
  • Auto Loader
  • Tooling Solution


As improvements are constantly made in our CNC Machines, the mentioned Specifications, Dimensions and Details are subject to change without prior notice and not binding on us.

Accessories shown in photographs may not be part of Standard Accessories.



Smart Choice – Rexroth (Germany)

CNC Controller

The standard system supplied with Tizona Series CNC Turning Machine is Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Micro from Germany with latest technology and facilities.

Rexroth CNC Controller

Standard Features

  • 8.4” Brilliant Color TFT Display
  • Compact User Panel
  • Integrated Electronic Handwheel
  • Integrated Mechanical Switches for Cycle Start & Stop
  • Integrated Axes Pre-Selector Switch
  • Auto Referencing
  • USB Interface to run NC Programs
  • 64 MB CNC Memory
  • G-Code compatibility
  • Integrated Tool Management up to 999 Tools
  • Constant Surface Speed Control
  • Oriented Spindle Stop
  • Inch / Metric switchable
  • Various Cycles for Turning & Threading
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Self Diagnosis System
  • Direct Drawing Dimension
  • Online Help
  • Pitch Error Compensation
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Tool Nose Radius compensation
  • AC Servo Spindle & Axes Motors

Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Micro Advantages

  • Single controller with extensive Turning features.
  • Single piece MCP+MOP, hence less wiring. Integrated with all standard Controlling & Operating functions.
  • Single piece Controller unit with onboard Drives for easy wiring & maintenance free hardware.
  • USB Port integrated on MCP for Backup / Restore / Memory Expansion / Direct Editing.
  • C Axis Ready - Most advanced feature in basic machines.
  • Ethernet port for direct computer / network connectivity.
  • Direct Connection to 200-500V AC 50-60 Hz Supply without step down Transformer.
  • Readymade cables for motor Power & Feedback from Rexroth-Germany.
  • No fear of losing programs in case of battery failure. Battery used is 3V Lithium Battery which is easily available in the market.
  • Single Block can be used while using Canned Cycles.
  • Part program Memory 8 MB, 32 MB memory is available on inbuilt CF card.
  • Fault cause & recovery is displayed on screen for easy and simple fault diagnosis.
  • Simultaneous 4 Axes Control per channel.
  • Dual Spindle Support.

Interface Diagrams

TIZONA I Interface Diagrams

Spindle Power Torque Diagram

Spindle Power Torque Diagram


  • Chip Conveyor (For Tizona I – Side only, For Tizona II – Rear only)
  • Bar Feeder
  • Bar Puller
  • Part Catcher
  • Hydraulic Collet Chuck
  • Hydraulic Hollow Chuck and Cylinder
  • Auto Door
  • Auto Loader
  • Tooling Solution